Inner-Bright ™
LED Test Light
(Patent Pending )
A Powerful and Portable Source of Illumination for the Luthier
Two Models one for Violin and one for Guitar


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Violin Model features a small smooth flexible strip with 10 LEDs. Lights are on one side of the strip which easily slips through the f-hole and can be oriented to suit the viewer then locked in position using the f-hole.

Guitar Model features a larger thicker strip with 20 LEDs. Lights are on both sides of the strip so that orientation is not an issue

The Inner-Bright™ LED Test Light is designed to allow the luthier to fully illuminate the inside of any instrument . It produces a huge amount of light with little or no heat and consists of a smooth flexible strip of LED lights connected by a 12 inch wire to a small switched battery pack which remains external. The LED's are encased in soft smooth plastic. It is lightweight and easy to insert. There is nothing to hang up or bang around inside the instrument . Battery life is extremely long as is the life of the LEDs. You will not believe the amount of detail you will see.

Slim and flexible the Violin model is easily inserted and provides ample light with 10 LEDs .
The Guitar model has a total of 20 LEDs to produce more lighting for the larger instrument . LEDs are on both sides of the strip and Velcro band is included for mounting battery box out of the way on the neck of the instrument .


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Your Inner-Bright™ comes complete with instructions , Duracell industrial batteries, and first class shipping. You can order it alone or add it in with other tools you purchase. To order alone, go to the order form fill out the information and ignore the fixed shipping cost .

IBLV the Violin model is $28

IBLV the Guitar model is $38

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(Free shipping is for the lower 48 states . Alaska, Hawaii, and International customers please email me for a quote )


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