The Otter™
Reversible Router Table
(Patent Pending )
By Ken Picou Design : Maker of the Robo-Sander™, Luthier's Friend™, and Inner-Bright™


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The Otter™ mounts to workbench with just two screws and easily switches from Router Table to Hand Held Router. You can Rout, Cut ,Plane, Joint, and Duplicate Parts with one tool

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Description and Operation

The Otter™ is a small 8 x10 inch (203mm x 254mm) router table made designed for use with a laminate trim router. Because of its small size can be used as both a traditional router table and as a hand held router.
It is very easy to set up and use. It is extremely versatile, supports a variety of attachments, and has very good dust collection in both configurations.
It mounts quickly to the side of your workbench using two screws and makes a stable reliable work surface for table routing .

The table and fence are made from high density polyethylene which gives a good slippery surface that is unlikely to mar the project being worked on . You may notice a slight flexibility in the table when you unpack it , When the router is mounted it adds considerable rigidity and allows for very accurate work.

It comes predrilled for the Bosch Colt but each kit includes a centering plug for mounting other trim routers as well. Just mount a 1/4" pin and insert plug to assure perfect alignment when mounting your router .

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Table Mode

The Otter™features a double sided fence. On the primary side the faces are in line for traditional fence routing. On the secondary side the outfeed portion of the fence is offset by 1/16 inch (16 mm) to allow for jointing material.

(Dust Collector Revoved for Clarity)

The fence can be easily set up for use with either surface and easily moves out of the way for use with bearing guided bits.

A dust collector mounts to the fence where it is always above the router and provides efficient dust collection .

The center hole is accurately sized and recessed to accept a standard template or inlay guide (not included). This allows the user to accurately duplicate parts and do inlays using a template.



Hand Held Mode

The Otter™ unmounts quickly and because of its small table size can be used as a traditional hand held router . It features a secondary handle which allows excellent two handed control.

It comes with two rails which can be mounted to the base and allows the router to straddle small parts . In this configuration it can be used to route a flat surface on rough material or trim material flush with a secondary surface . Two examples of this function would be milling routing bridges off of guitar tops and trimming bent laminations while they are still in the bending form.

With a standard template guide it can be used for pattern routing large objects where it is easier to move the router than the workpiece and cutting recesses and slots . (guitar hardware and truss rods)

The Otter™ also features excellent dust collection in hand held mode as well as table mode.

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What You Get

A Complete Ready to use Otter™ Reversible Router Table , which you can put to work within minutes.

It consists of :

A Router Table with a double sided fence

Dust collectors for both modes

Handle for two handed routing

Rails for Planing and Flush Trimming

Centering Plug for mounting any trim router

A Small Manual , Router Mounting Instructions, and Safety Sheet.

Price is $115.00

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