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3" Robo-Sander™

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The Robo-Sander™is a heavy duty flush trim sander which will duplicate curved parts quickly and accurately.

It works in much the same way as a flush trim router bit, but unlike the router bit, poses little risk to the work or user and requires only a drill press to use.

It consists of a heavy duty sanding drum with a template guide wheel made from bearing grade phenolic resin . The guide runs on an oilite bronze bearing and is stabilized by two large fender washers. It comes with a 50 grit abrasive sleeve for quick shaping.

It can be used to shape parts which are much too thick to attempt with a router and there is no tear out even with highly figured woods.

I have been making my Robo-Sanders™ since 1992 . I take pride in my work and pay a bit more to use American made industrial quality materials. I personally machine the guide wheels to ensure their accuracy .

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Robo- Sanders™come in diameters of 1, 2, and 3 inches.





3" Dia. x 3" tall Robo-Sander™



The largest and most aggressive of all
Robo-Sanders™,the RS-3000 is favored by furniture makers . It is used where curves have a radius of 1-1/2"or better.

Generally used for agressive shaping. Due to weight considerations the rubber cylinder of the RS-3000 is hollow and can distort a bit when tightened.


Metric: 76mm Dia.x 76mm Tall


Cost $65.00
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2" dia. x 2" tall Robo-Sander™

This is the Robo favored by guitar makers, model builders, hunting bow makers, and craftsmen working on a medium scale. It is used where curves have a radius of 1" or more.


Metric: 51mm Dia.x 51mm Tall

Cost $27.00
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2"dia. x 3 " tall Robo-Sander™XT

This is the extra tall 2"Robo
It comes with the
Luthier's Friend™ sanding sysytem. Many folks buy extra drums so they can switch sanding grits by simply switching drums. A big timesaver.


Metric: 51mm Dia.x 76mm Tall


Cost $36.00
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1"dia. x 2"tall Robo-Sander™

This Robo is a good one for violin, mandolin, and bow makers, clock makers, and model makers. It will shape a curve with a radius of 1/2" (0.508")



Metric: 25mm Dia.x 51mm Tall


Cost $25.00

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Robo-Sander with Oversize Guide Bearing

A Robo-Sander that I make as a special order, often for violin makers. The guide wheel can be from 1/16" to 1/4" oversized and will make a part that is correspondingly larger than the template.

If you would like a special overcutting Robo-Sander™ just send me an email and we can discuss what you would like. I will make a Robo-Sander to your specs.

Metric: 25mm Dia.x 51mm Tall

Usual Cost $35.00 (get quote)
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Industrial quality resin bonded aluminum oxide sanding sleeves on heavy duty cloth backed cores are available with order of Robo-Sander™.


Cost: 1x1" $1.50 ea... 2x2" $1.85 ea... 2x3" $3.50 ea... 3x3" $4.00 ea.,

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