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Inner-Bright™ LED Test Light

Keith Davis is a highly respected luthier with 30 years violin making and repair experience. He is an early adapter and has provided many valuable violin manking insights over the years.

I have one of the new Inner-Bright lights and I’ve been using it. First, let me tell you what it does not do. It does not scratch instruments. It does not get caught and possibly lever an F-hole wing and crack it. It does not strike the sound post and risk throwing it out of adjustment. It does not get hot inside the violin. It does not leave most of the interior of a violin in the dark, when you really need to see everything in view, all at the same time. It does not stick out of a tool drawer or over the edge of a tool box and get chopped off like the stem-lights can.

But, what DOES IT DO? It fits into nearly any size violin, viola or cello….and many other instruments. It provides more light than most violins have been in since the tops went on. It manipulates easily and quickly inside instruments and will make your work easier even if it moves an inch while you work.

This is one more case of “why didn’t I think of this?”. I’m glad Ken Picou did. It is simply amazing, affordable and accessible. Whether you are starting out or have been at the bench for over thirty years as I have you need one of these.

Respectfully yours, Keith Davis, Violin Maker



Dick Dubois former "head of the neck department" at Collings Guitars now runs his own shop

I received my Inner-Bright while in the process of installing pickups in a mandolin and an f-hole arch-top octave mandolin. Perfect timing! The Inner-Bright provided a flood of cool white light illuminating the interiors of these small instruments, making the installations much easier. Since then I have found that it works great for guitars too!

Dick Dubois
Dick Dubois Guitar Repair


Jim Burton is an excellent luthier and proprietor of J. Burton Guitars

It’s really hard to get light, tools and hands inside the body of a musical instrument. This tool will not make the access hole bigger or your hands smaller, but it will brightly illuminate the entire inside of the instrument. Like everyone I’ve used all sorts of items for illumination, usually relying on flashlights or mirrors. The trouble with a flashlights is that it either takes a hand to control it, or it’s loose in the bottom to bang around as you rotate the instrument for better access.

This light solves that problem by freeing up a hand that normally directs the flashlight beam and requires only one small wire taking up space in the crowed access hole. It’s lightweight, clear plastic tube LED allows any twists and turns you need when its in the body of the instrument without slamming around in the inside like the flashlight.

I’ve found other uses for it as well. It drapes across a fingerboard to use as a backlight for sighting fingerboard crown, relief or fret heights. It also works well for illuminating the work for routing and normal woodworking tasks (attach with a rubber band).

Like Ken says, “If you need a tool and you don’t buy it, you’ll pay for it and not have it”.

Jim Burton......Luthier

Les Stansell builds his beautiful Flamenco Guitars and Ukes from native woods in Pistol River, Or
Excellent product at a fair price . This will be the light I use from now on ..Thanks Ken..... Les