LED Test Light

Your new Inner-Bright can be easily inserted into the smallest of spaces .It produces a huge amount of light with little or no heat .The waterproof strip is smooth, soft, and flexible and will not hang up inside the instrument you are working on . Battery life is extremely long as is the life of the LEDs .

Guitar Model IBLG has 20 LEDs and is lit on both sides and so can be inserted with little regard for the orientation of the lights .

Violin Model IBLV : Insert the LED strip through the f-hole on the bass side . The LEDs are on one side of the strip . It can be orientated so that the light is shining exactly as you like it . Once you have found it you can maintain the position by gently wedging the end of the light strip in the narrow part of the f-hole. You will be amazed at the detail you will see.

The Violin Model has an adhesive backing which is covered by paper . You can leave it as is for violin work or remove the paper and use the adhesive to mount the lights for other purposes. If you wish to remove the adhesive any commercial gum remover will do the trick .

If you wish to shorten the length of the light strip you can cut it anywhere you see a scissors icon.